Friday, September 24, 2010

Chit-Chat with like-minded people in Internet Forums...

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This blogs topic is to discuss Forums you can join for free to learn how to earn money online, how to build a website, writing blogs, article writing, Internet marketing, search engine optimization and anything else that fits into these categories.  Becoming a member to a few selective Forums where the members start discussions, ask questions and answer questions is a free way to learn more about what information you seek.  Simply reading the questions and answers usually answer many of the questions you have and if you don't find what your looking for, post the question you have and the odds of receiving an answer is 99% probable.

Forums come and go just like websites come and go.  There here today and gone tomorrow.  I suggest when you decide to join a Forum, you should seek out a Forum with the odds of 99% staying power.  You want to join Forums that have been around for a while OR join a Forum from a website that has been around for a while.  You want a place where discussions stay alive and people sign in daily.  I share with you here the Forums which I feel have staying power, active members and are expanding daily.  These are the kind of Forums I suggest you join.

The first Forum I became a member of and have learned so much from is the Hubpage's ForumHubpages is a place where people write Hubs about almost any topic and Hubpages has thousands of active members and dozens of categories to post questions.  Here is a list of some of the categories the Hubpage's Forum has to date.

The Hubbers Hangout - Go off topic to discuss whatever you like.
Arts & Designs
Books, Literature & Writing
Business and Employment
Education and Science
Family & Parenting
Fashion & Beauty
Food & Cooking
Games, Toys & Hobbies
Gender & Relationships
Holidays & Celebrations
Personal Finance
Pets & Animals
Politics & Social Issues
Religion & Beliefs
Sports & Recreation
Travel & Places

The next Forum I want to share with you is Infobarrel's Forum.  Wow, this website has grown tremendously in the year 2010.  Thousands of active members who share common interests.  I write articles here and use the Forum weekly.  The members are wonderful and always willing to help others.  Infobarre's Forum is a wonderful place to banter back and forth with like-minded people.  Below are some of the categories Infobarrel's Forum has to date.

Article Reviews
Bugs & Ideas
Contests & Challengers
Grammar Police
Off Topic
Tips & Tricks

The next Forum I want to share with you is SnipslySnipsly has been around for a while and in September 2010 they have added a Forum to their Revenue Sharing Website.  I feel it's a wonderful addition to a website that has thousands of members (and growing) and also offers Do-Follow Links to the post you write.  This Forum will grow at a fast pace because of their credibility to article writers.  The Snipsly Forum allows you to post a discussion about a new topic, shows you how many people have post to a topic, shows you the last poster and the freshness of the new discussion.  Very user-friendly with room for growth and expansion.

The last Forum I want to share with you is helpwithyourwebsite Forum.  I meet this Webmaster through Hubpages and this Webmaster know exactly what she is talking about.  She is experienced at generating revenue using many free resources that are found online.  This Forum is specifically geared towards learning Microsoft Office.

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